Our History

Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. started on a dream, a passionate dream, and a dream that just would not go away.

In 2008 at a Christmas gathering with family, Ernie’s dream was becoming a business idea. After discussing this concept with them, my father and youngest brother told me this is a business that, if done right, builds itself. Why would he doubt family who have been doing whole hog barbecuing well for 20 years in Manitoba?

Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. is owned and operated by Ernie and Margaret Kleinsasser.

Margaret brings 29 years of cooking and serving experience to big crowds. She was Head Cook for a restaurant in Morris, Manitoba, for two years and has served on many occasions as a caterer and server at weddings and funerals. Margaret is very organized. Her organizational skills will be essential to Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue. She marinates the best steaks and cooks the best ribs in the country. Her cheery cheese cake is the best on the planet!!! At present, Margaret is operating a successful day home with a huge waiting list.

Ernie has been barbecuing the best steaks over the past ten years. With Margaret’s marinated and boiled ribs and Ernie’s expertise in barbecuing, all meats are to die for!! Ernie has extensive experience with whole hog barbecuing and has mastered this art and science to a tee. Using injected herbal and spice marinate and sealer guarantees a very succulent, tender and juicy whole hog barbecue experience.

Mission Statement

Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. aims to become a model of consistency in the community, creating an old fashioned style personal neighborhood atmosphere. We will never compromise our integrity towards lower food standards and serving lower value products to gain price advantages. We will only use fresh, organically raised, no exposure to antibiotics livestock and vegetables. We seek fair and responsible profits, enough to keep the company financially healthy for the long term. Ernie’s Mobile Whole Hog Barbecue & Catering Inc. guarantees providing exceptional service that leaves an outstanding comeback impression. We strive on having the best tasting food, very clean equipment and very friendly and good service.


  • To offer flexibility in delivery of service.
  • Produce a positive return on investment.
  • Protecting clients’ interests and liability even when it requires extra efforts and monies.
  • Exhibiting a sense of professional showmanship on the day of the event.
  • Exceeding clients’ expectations.
  • Friendly, above average service.
  • Integrity and modest apparel will not be compromised at any cost.
  • Will use only the highest quality organic raised livestock.